Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How do I download?

    After you make a purchase, you can download the image(s) by clicking on the "Download Area" tab link at the top of the site. If you use Paypal, this will go under the primary email address that you have on file with them. If you mis-typed your email, please contact us so we can update your download area.

    If you purchased more than a few images, you may want to use the zip folder. Just click on the zip folder icon and save it to your computer. You may need to extract all files of the folder in order to use the images. If you are using Internet Explorer, please read the notes provided to you regarding MS errors with zip files and eps files.

    If you prefer to download one image at a time, just click on the thumbnail of the image that you want in your download area. It will open in a new window and include PC and MAC directions at the top. Please be sure to wait until the image has completely loaded before you save.

    Please note: Devices such as tablets and smart phones are limited and are not substitutes for computers. You usually cannot save zip files or save and view vector (AI, EPS) files to your tablet or or phone. You will need a computer. We can send these to your print company or designer. We will need a name and email address to do this.
  2. What are your terms of use?

    Please refer to our End User License Agreement. This is accessible by clicking on an image from a search results page. The Agreement link will be near the prices. Please note that we have two different licenses; Commercial and Editorial. Most images will be under the Commercial license, while images of personalities, historical or famous people will be under the Editorial license.
  3. Can I use the clip art images for free?

    Our images are not free. They are Royalty-Free. You must purchase a license for the use of any of our images, per our legal End User License Agreement.
  4. Do you offer discounts?

    We only offer discounts through our clip art collections. We do not offer discounts on individual clip art purchases. To view our available collections, click on the "collections" link below our search box.
  5. What does Royalty-free mean?

    Royalty-free (RF) is a media license. It means that you pay a one time fee per image and you get to use the image(s) forever, for multiple uses, without having to pay additional fees (known as royalties), hence the term royalty-free. Please read our End User License Agreement and Use Policy located near the prices on the image pages, as it covers the terms of use.

    To put it into perspective in the physical world: Many items in stores have the word "Free" on the packaging, such as fat free milk and other products, or products that offer 20% more free than their standard sized container. If you went into a store, and tried to leave without paying for the item just because it has the word "free" on it, you would be in trouble. Free is often part of a term (fat free, royalty-free, etc).

    For more information: Wikipedia Royalty-Free.
  6. Can I have an image customized or a prop added to an image?

    No. I'm sorry, we are only able to offer our images as-is. Thank you for understanding.
  7. Can I buy an image outright so no-one else can use it?

    No. We cannot offer any of our images for outright ownership or exclusivity. Thank you for understanding.
  8. If I buy a small image now and I need a larger version later, can I upgrade?

    Yes, as long as we still have the image. Rarely, an artist will delete an image from their portfolio. As long as we still have the image, you can upgrade by returning to the image page and re-purchasing the size that you need. Please note that artists have the freedom to change their pricing at any time, so the prices may differ. We can then issue a refund for the original purchase only if you re-license the exact same image number, in a larger size or more expensive format. After purchasing the second time, please email us with your transaction or invoice number so we can look up your order.
  9. What is the difference between the available image files?

    Please refer to the sizes listed on the image pages. Sizes are displayed in pixels (computer/web sizes), centimeters, and inches (print sizes).

    If you are working with a designer or printer, please contact your printer/designer prior to purchasing so they can assist you in selecting the proper size/format. Each printer/designer is different.

    JPEG files do not support layers or transparency. If you know how to work with JPEGs, yes you can edit the file, but please be aware that only the Vectors come with layers. Any JPEG files come with the backgrounds that you see on the site (white, gray, shaded, black, etc), minus the watermark.

    Some of our raster files include PNG as well as the JPEG. PNG files sometimes include transparent backgrounds, but not always. Sometimes we can create and offer a PNG file with transparency but we cannot always guarantee this. If you require transparency, please contact customer service prior to purchasing to check on availability for the image(s) that you need.

    You cannot increase the size of a raster file (JPEG, GIF or PNG) without distortion, but you can make the image smaller. For this reason you will want to select the largest size that you will need. You can shrink it down for smaller projects.

    The vector files (EPS, AI, SVG, PDF) are often required for large scale printing; billboards, posters, signs, big rig advertising, etc. These formats are unlimited in size, however they require vector compatible software to open, size, use, and even to view. We recommend the current version of Adobe Illustrator to use these formats, as most of our artists use colors, meshes or gradients that are not compatible with other programs. Vector compatible software and experience are recommended for these formats.
  10. Can I make changes to the image(s)?

    After purchasing a license, you are welcome to alter the image by changing colors, adding text, or adding or removing props. You cannot create additional poses using the character (such as repositioning the body), nor can you make animations of the image/character. This would be a copyright issue. Please note that you cannot claim copyright on altered images since the original image was created by our artist and is under copyright. In order to edit an image, you will need image editing software and experience.
  11. Yes, however please read the terms. Our images can be used for non-copyrighted/trademarked logo type purposes. Please note that you cannot copyright or trademark the image(s) and that you will not be the only person using the image(s). The creators retain their copyrights and others can still license the same image for competitive purposes.
  12. What are your restrictions on using the images?

    The images cannot be used on most kinds of templates that you offer for free or for sale to be used by others. Examples of restricted templates; scrap booking kits or products, business card design templates, rubber stamps, downloadable teaching aids, and web design templates. Technically, there may be some templates that would be acceptable, however we ask that you contact customer service prior to purchasing so we can confirm if your specific use will be acceptable or not.

    The images cannot be published and offered for sale on community retail sites offering print on demand retail products such as shirts, stickers, calendars, mugs, mouse pads, etc. The most common sites like this are,, and as well as others that are not listed here. You may use such sites to order items and have them shipped to you, however cannot publish the items for sale to others on these sites.

    Images may not be offered on retail products that are to be personalized, such as offered to your clients with names, business names, event details, or custom text. Your client would need their own license for the image to do this.

    You cannot copyright or trademark the images.

    You cannot distribute the digital images in any way, including but not limited to digital downloads or on disc. This includes offering free downloads of the image(s) and digitizing them for embroidery file downloads.

    Print Orders cannot be copied or reproduced. Print orders are only for decorating purposes. If you need to use the image on the print for anything other than what we have sent you, you need to purchase a digital file license.

    There may be other restrictions not listed here, or you may have a use that is acceptable that you may be unsure about. If you have specific questions, please contact customer service prior to making your purchase.
  13. Why is my download area showing a file other than what I purchased?

    Sometimes search engines send customers to the wrong image page. They do this by showing you an image displayed in the "similar" images section of the same page. If this happens to you, please do not download the incorrect image. If you download the image, we cannot issue a refund for the incorrect file. We will need you to find the correct file on our website, locate the image number and email us with the correct image number. We can then update your order. Please note that this may take time for us to swap out the image. If you are in a hurry, please purchase the correct file, then send us an email explaining what happened.
  14. Why is the image is still in my cart after I have purchased it?

    The cart saves the image(s) that you have added in case your computer crashes during checkout, or some other random error occurs. You will need to empty your cart after you purchase, otherwise the image will remain in your cart.
  15. How do I provide credit?

    A credit is not required, but always appreciated. If you would like to provide a credit line, a credit example is listed on each image page. Here is an example of what we would recommend: Number Here
  16. Why is the zip file corrupt?

    Internet Explorer and Microsoft have issues that are causing this problem. This is not something that we can fix. If you licensed only one or a few files, you can download by using Option 1. They will open in new windows with saving instructions. If you licensed multiple files, you may want to use a different internet browser, such as Firefox, to save the zip file. If you need help downloading, please contact us. Please send your complaints regarding this problem to MICROSOFT at the link below. For more information: Microsoft Support. Microsoft Support.
  17. Why is the EPS file corrupt?

    Internet Explorer and Microsoft have done updates years ago that caused this problem. They have yet to fix it. This is not something that we can fix. This only happens if you use Internet Explorer. You may want to use a different internet browser, such as Firefox, to save the zip file. If you want to use Internet Explorer, simply save the file. It will probably save with a .ps extension, rather than the .eps extension. All you need to do is rename the file extension to .eps AFTER you have saved it to your computer. Just like if you were re-naming a photo. Save it, then click on the image to rename it to .eps. Please send your complaints regarding this problem to MICROSOFT at the link below. For more information: Microsoft Support..
  18. What can I use your images for?

    Once you purchase a license for the image(s) that you want to use, you can use them for apps, your website, business cards, t-shirts, games, stationery, marketing and advertising, tv shows, your business packaging, labels, logo and several other uses.
  19. How do I buy more than one image at a time?

    To license/buy more than one image at a time, click on the "add to cart" button on the image page. When you are ready to checkout, click on the "cart" link at the top of the site. You can checkout from there by selecting your payment option at the bottom.
  20. Can I get a refund?

    We do not issue refunds on digital media, unless the same end user licenses the same image number twice. The lesser price, or equal if it is a duplicate price, will be refunded. This no-refunds rule is standard in this industry. Be sure to read the license agreement and ask any questions prior to purchasing.
  21. What is a minor change/alteration?

    A minor alteration is a color change (changing red to black for example), or adding text.

    Anything that involves changing shapes or adding props, is not a minor alteration as it usually involves a complete re-draw.

    Some images, such as the 3d images, cannot be changed, however text can always be added to an image.

    This is a special service and does cost extra. Pricing will vary by image, artist, and details.
  22. Can I redownload later?

    Please note that we are not a data storage or backup company. Please download your file(s) right away and create extra backups such as on a CD, flash/thumb drive, or external hard drive.

    Failure to keep backups will mean that you will need to purchase the image again if you need it.
  23. Can I change my email address for my old orders?

    Sorry, we cannot change the email address on your order orders if you have switched to a new email.

    Please be sure to download and backup your orders as you place them and please remember that we are not a backup service.
  24. Can I use the image(s) for something that is not listed within your license?

    Contact us with details so we can check on the use for you.
  25. What are the most common uses?

    Our most common uses are for start up businesses. The images are used for business cards, websites, marketing, vehicle graphics, signs, posters, banners, events, menus, product packaging and labels, in tv shows and movies, commercials, advertisements, social media (ads, memes), avatars, board games, etc.
  26. Why do I see charges when I my order was declined?

    If you keep resubmitting the form after your payment is declined, your bank may reflect each attempt as a funds-check, or pre-authorization. This is on your bank's end. It is not something that we can control, refund or fix. Most banks drop these anywhere from 1-5 business days. Please do not keep re-submitting the payment form if you have already submitted it once and weren't taken to a receipt page. Please contact us so we can tell you why it was declined.

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