Man Putting Out a Fire - Free Stock Photography by JVPD's profile avatar JVPD

Man Putting Out a Fire - Free Stock Photography by JVPD

Image by JVPD

Free stock photo of a U.S. Army Soldier from the 164th Air Defense Artillery Brigade, Florida Air National Guard helping the Florida Division of Forestry put out a wildfire at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center in Starke, Fla., May 14th 2007. Here a soldier stands, holding a yellow hose, wearing black pants and a yellow hat and shirt, aiming the hose at small trees. More than 30 Florida Army National Guardsmen trained for firefighting duty this past weekend, and another group is scheduled to train to support the wildfire suppression effort this week. U.S. Army photo by Pfc. Michael Baltz.

Stock Photo ID: #COLLCPH1084686-0002

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